High Risk Merchant Account for Nutraceutical Business

Nutraceutical (“nutra”) businesses are typically considered as a high risk business type when it comes to payment processing. Nutraceutical companies generally cover businesses that offer products that are used to provide some type of health benefit. For example, some nutraceuticals are sold as supplements that may contain certain herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. that are used to promote improvement in a particular area of health. This may include weight loss, anti-aging, anti-hair loss, muscle-growth, energy-boosting, teeth whitening, fitness, skin treatments and other wellness products.

Unfortunately, nutra businesses may find it difficult to obtain traditional merchant accounts. There are many reasons why a company that sells nutraceutical products needs a high risk merchant account. First, these business types tend to have a high chargeback ratio and process very high volume. Secondly, the ecommerce continuity/subscription-based aspect of purchasing the products also poses higher risk. We can help. Please contact us at 1-800-930-4476 to speak with a consultant to explore your payment processing options.